FunnyGO 2 - For GoPro action cam 1,2,3,4 and 5

FunnyGO 2 - For GoPro action cam 1,2,3,4 and 5

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Excellent quality product
from Anonymous on 20/08/2016
I have had this product since December and I have been extremely happy with it so far. Pilotfly's service has been top notch, from ordering to after-sale support; I wish all companies handled their customer service like they do.
The Gimbal has worked really well, I have no complaints with the performance. I especially like the possibility to use different sized rechargeable batteries giving flexibility to handle size vs battery life. I can be sure to have full day filming when using FunnyGo as the power source for my GoPro's.

Detachable handle allows the actual gimbal to be attached to almost any GoPro mount, I use it to keep the handle/power in my backpack when the gimbal is attached to the helmet.

The main thing of a gimbal i.e., stabilisation works really well, no issues I could report.

What could be improved:
- GoPro housing could be better, the thumbscrews are annoying to use, especially if I need to change the GoPro many times during the filming
- The main power button is a little bit too sensitive/loose
- First version of the power cord routing from handle was fragile

The firmware software is really detailed, it allows tweaking of any setting, unfortunately it also allows you to really tweak any setting. It's really meant for tech savvy users. FunnyGo is perfectly usable without ever tweaking it though.

Overall I would recommend this product to a user who is starting to get more serious with GoPro video producing, but who also doesn't want to upgrade the equipment any time soon as it is built really well and performs accordingly.
im Vergleich zu Mitbewerbern um Welten besser
from Anonymous on 14/06/2016
Ich habe 2 andere Gimbals getestet. Eines das über 2 Achsen stabilisiert und ein weiteres 3-Achs Gimbal. Über 2 Achsen lasse ich von der Bewertung außen vor. Das andere 3 Achs Gimbal, das auf Amazon sehr gute Bewertungen erhalten hat, ist von der Stabilisierung und der Beweglichkeit lange nicht so gut wie der FunnyGo2. Ich nutze das Gimbal u.a. auch zum Biken und für Fahraufnahmen mit Oldtimern. Die Bilder sind jedes mal aufs neue beeindruckend. Von meiner Seite ein klare Kaufempfehlung.


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FunnyGO2 - Upgrade Kit for GoPro 5 FunnyGO2 - Upgrade Kit for GoPro 5
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