FAQ for Pilotfly Action-1


  • Can I remotely control my Pilotfly product?
    --> All Pilotfly products are equipped with a Bluetooth module which gives you the ability to control your gimbal via an Android App. For further informations refer to the instruction manual.
  • Where can I get the latest SimpleBGC Software?
    --> The latest version of the SimpleBGC software can be downloaded with the following link: . Apart from this you might need an additional USB to UART Driver which can be downloaded here:
  • How can I check which firmware version my device currently has?
    --> Please establish a connection with the SimpleBGC software and your Gimbal via Bluetooth or USB cable. Go to the tab "upgrade" and press the "Check" button to verify your firmware version and to check for new versions. The actual released firmware for Pilotfly gimbals is 2.62b3.
  • Where can gather more information about the SimpleBGC Software?
    --> The SimpleBGC user manual can be downloaded here.
  • How can I activate or use the invert mode?
    --> All Pilotfly products are capable to detect automatically the invert mode. Just turn the handle around while the gimbal is powered off and turn it on again. The gimbal detects automatically the invert mode and you are ready to go. All other profiles which can be selected via the Mode-button are working in the invert mode as well.

Possible failures and solutions:


Roll motor is not horizontal levelled Please make a Gyro & ACC calibration described in the user manual.
The system starts vibrating while moving the gimbal 90° forward (brief case position) Figure out which motor is causing the vibrations, in this case it is most likely caused by the Pitch motor. If so decrease the D-value of the Pitch slightly or change Motor power value of Pitch.
Pitch motor is suddenly missing steps while moving up or down.

Ensure proper balancing of the camera. Increase motor power of Pitch motor.

System starts vibrating while moving Figure out which motor is causing the vibrations, and decrease the D-value of the related axes or change Motor power value of related axes.
System is slightly drifting on the yaw axis.

Poor Gyro calibration of Frame IMU.

Frame IMU needs to be re-calibrated.

Note: Frame IMU must be calibrated via SimpleBGC Software installed on your PC, MAC  or Android App (SimpleBGC32) 
While moving forward (brief case position) roll axis keeps not straight and is moving slightly to left or right. Poor ACC & Gyro calibration of Camera IMU. Please make a Gyro & ACC calibration described in the user manual.
System is flattering in each direction.

Wrong Motor setup. Hold the gimbal steady and start “Auto” for the Motors in the Basic Tab of SimpleBGC GUI. Ensure that all motor poles are set to “14”.

After that perform a calibration for Camera and Frame IMU sensors.

System starts beeping continuously. Check battery level. Battery might be exhausted. Charge battery or connect the external battery. 
System starts beeping and battery is fully charged.

Check battery level in the SimpleBGC GUI on the right bottom corner.

Battery calibration might be necessary. Please follow the instruction for battery calibration.

Roll and pitch not in level even after ACC & Gyro calibration

Verify in the RC –Tab of the SimpleBGC GUI the “Initial angle” of each axes. Initial angle need to be set to “0”.

Note: Operations like “Set tilt angles by hands”, “Swap RC Roll-Yaw” or “Swap RC Pitch – Roll” will save their angles to this field, too.